23th Worldjamboree 2015






33.628 Scouts
155 Countries



Kirara Beach



July 28 – August 8




The 23e Worldjamboree was organised near Kirara Beach in the prefecture Yamagushi, in the western part of the island of Honshu.

As theme of this jamboree “A spirit of unity”.was choosen.

The keywords were: Peace, Harmony and Solidarity.


The Scout Association of Japan provided a program for this Worldjamboree unique for Japan. Besides the typical Jamboree parts like Global Development Village and “Crossroads of Culture” program parts were offered under the motto of “Tradition, renewal and progress”. The organisation showed the that traditional culture and progressive science and technology can mix in harmony

City of Science showed that Japan is an industrial country and tries to grow understanding for the problems and benefits of science and technology.

-          Prayer for Peace: Acknowledge the world peace.

-          On the beach of the Inland Sea National Park: A program in the rich nature in and around the Jamboree-area.

-          Service to Help to communities in the neighbourhood of the Jamboree-site.

-          The Journey to World Cultural heritages: Excursions to World Cultural Heritage locations in the neighbourhood of the Jamboree-area.


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