22nd Worldjamboree 2011






More than

 40000 Scouts
146 Countries






July 27 – August 7




The 22nd Worldjamboree was organised in Rinkaby, in the province Skåne, not far from Kristianstad.

on a sandy area of 1,5 x 1,5 km., surrounded by woods of pine trees.

In the southern part of the area there was an arena with a natural amphitheatre.


The theme of this jamboree was “Simply Scouting”.

Three anchors were: Gatherings, Nature and Solidarity.

Beaches with dunes shaped by the wind were close to the camp site.

Transportation to and from these beaches was done by shuttle busses.


The program will be a combination of ticket activities and walk-in activities.

On the program f.i. 5 module-activities, assembled from parts of the chapters “People”, “Guests”, “Global Development Village, “Dream” and “Earth”. These modules encourage the youngsters to develop their skills and capacities in the fields of: “Initiative”, “Self-reliance”, “Teamwork and cooperation” and “Planning and organisation”.


There were also programme-modules for the International Service Team (IST) consisting of the 4 themes “Our world”, “Personal development”, “Spiritual experience” and “New skills”.


Camp within the Camp.

During two days and one night groups of about hundred scouts will be camping in a camp outside the camping area. This camp will provide other possibilities than  those on the Jamboree are.

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