21st Wordjamboree 2007






40.000 Scouts
215 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 2007





July 27 – August 8




For the 100th aniversary of Scouting the 21st Worldjamboree was held on a diverse area of 400 ha in  Hylandspark. Hylandspark is near Chelmsford in the province Essex, approximately 50 km northeast of London.

The theme of this Jamboree was “One world, one promise”.

Sunrise Ceremony
On the evening of July 31 two scouts from almost every country in the world left from the Worldjamboree in Hylandspark to Brownsea Island. The following 48 hours these scouts showed the rest of the world it is possible to live in peace. Early in the morning of August 1, when the scouts on Brownsea Island woke, the Kuduhorn, which BP used to wake up his camp in 1907, sounded again like an echo from the past. 

Through satellite images Brownsea Island and the Jamboree area were connected. During the Sunrise ceremony, participated by a grand son of Baden Powell, the promises were renewed by all scouts, both on Brownsea Island and in Hylandspark. On the Jamboree area a Dutch Scoutingband of more than 80 musicians played. This band was formed from different Scoutingband in Holland.

At this Jamboree there was a lot of attention for nature and environment. One of the off-site activities was Starburst, where nature conservation was on the program. Trash was about re-using stuff. Other activities were Splash (Water-activities), TerraVille (paricipating countries could present themselves here), Scuba-diving, Elements, etc.


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