20th Worldjamboree 2002 / 2003






24.000 Scouts
140 Countries


Souvenirbadge 2002/2003





Dec 20 2002 - Jan 8 2003





The 20th Worldjamboree was organised in Sattahip in the province Chonburi, 180 km south of Bangkok. At the Gulf of Thailand an area of 1200 hectare was made suitable for this Jamboree. The area consisted of hills, steeps and a long white beach. The theme of this Jamboree was "Share our world, share our cultures". Every country was able to present its culture to participants from the rest of the world. There were 24 subcamps for a maximum of 1000 scouts each. Six of those subcamps formed a village. The activities were spread in 8 different activity areas:

  • Global Development Village
  • City of science and technology
  • Crossroads of culture
  • Our heritage
  • Tournament
  • A day serving in the community
  • Watersport activities
  • Hikes

On the Jamboree-site you also could find walk in activities, facilities for sport and games, free-time and mutual activities. During the Jamboree “swopping” was a possibility on a large scale, sometimes even complete uniforms.


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