19th Worldjamboree 1998 - 1999






30.519 Scouts
158 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 1998/1999


Hacienda Picarquin



dec. 26 '98 - jan. 6 '99





At the Hacienda de Picarquin, a former agricultural company of 3000 hectare, at the foot of the Andes, the 19th Worldjamboree was held from December 26 1998 till January 6 1999. The Jamboree area was 61 km south from the capital of Chile, Santiago de Chile. The theme of this Jamboree was "Building peace together". It better had been "Mañana" (tomorrow), because haste didn’t help. At the start everything went awkward, a lot of things weren’t arranged or finished. At the end of the Jamboree it was sufficient. During the Jamboree changing of the year was celebrated without fireworks, because it was prohibited  due to the drought. The catering had to be bought in the supermarket in contradiction to being handed out at other Jamborees. In the beginning this caused some troubles, but as the Jamboree progressed it worked faster (the mañana-effect). There were a lot of creative activities, often mixed with a Chilean twist. At the "Rally for peace" everybody had to write down on a piece of paper his name, country of origin and a wish for the future. These notes were stuffed in a great big heart and air lifted with a balloon. During "Gastronomic Delight" every contingent had to represent its country with dishes from their country. All the hikes were in the Andes with sleeping in open air. "Community Service" was a part of a program where every subgroup had to make itself useful for the community by shaping a garden or building a playground.


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