18th Worldjamboree 1995






29.060 Scouts
169 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 1995





August 1 - 11





The second Worldjamboree on Dutch soil was held on an area of 300 ha. in the municipality Dronten. In the Flevopolder, at the bottom of the former Zuiderzee, 29.060 scouts from 169 countries participated in this event, that was memorable for its lack of rain. This Jamboree had for its theme "Future is now". The 13 subcamps all got a name of a sign of the zodiac. The opening was done by Queen Beatrix, accompanied by Prince Claus, King Karl Gustav of Sweden (a scout himself and also participant in this Jamboree) and Prinses Bint Talal of Jordan. At the area a tower of 65 meters high was pioneered. This tower was registered in the Guinness book of records. A large part of the program was the Global Development Village. Unicef, Amnesty International, UNHCR and the World Wildlife Fund supported this. Different contingents demonstrated what they do about the local problems in their countries. Holland occupying strongly with environment, was evidently demonstrated by collecting garbage separately. For many contingents the separation of garbage over 5 containers was difficult getting used to, because it wasn’t common in their countries. Holland being a watery country, could be experienced by sailing  on different locations (guided by an experienced instructor): Stierop, Uitgeest and Akersloot, Ellerstrand, Zwartsluis and Zeewolde. There were also excursions to the Oostvaardersplassen , Urk and sewage treatment facilities. From Lelystad, where all national and international mother ships were anchored, "Staff sailing" took place daily. Members of staff having a day off, were brought to Urk with several of mother ships, and came back to the campsite by bus. Other members of staff made the return after going to Urk by bus. Even "floating bridge", a fast connection between both sides of the Veluwemeer by boat showed Holland being a watery country. It transported participants from different hikes back to the shore of the campsite. A highlight of this water event was the naval review, in which approximately 250 ships, mother ships and flat-boats participated. Another highlight was a inter-religious prayer service, participated by thousands of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Islamites. Off course the continuous item for the last three Jamborees was also present: the Survival track. No one finished it with dry cloths on. During the Jamboree two reunions were held: the 1937 reunion, attended by a lot of old participants of that Jamboree and the Gilwell reunion for Gilwellians.


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