17th Worldjamboree 1991






20.000 Scouts
135 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 1991


Mount Sorak
National Park



July 30 – August 7





For the first time after the Soviet Union felt apart, contingents from countries where Scouting was restarted (after being liberated from the communistic regime) participated in the Jamboree. Countries like Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Yugoslavia were represented for the first time since World War II. The Jamboree was held in Mount Sorak National Park, some kilometres from the border with North Korea and 200 km from Seoul. In this camp with the theme "Many lands, one world" 20.000 scouts from 135 countries participated. The start was with the traditional bad weather. The road signs were messed up by a storm and it was difficult to find your way around in the camp. The opening and closing were masterpieces of show art and mastered those of the Olympic Games which were held shortly before. Korean girls weren’t present at this Jamboree, while Norwegian boys and girls camped together in one tent. For the first time there was a "Global Development Village". Home hospitality was badly arranged in Korea. Dutch Scouts stayed with Indonesian Scouts for 14 days in Indonesia before the Jamboree and had an unforgettable time there.


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