16th Worldjamboree 1987/1988






14.634 Scouts
84 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 1987/1988


Cataract Scout Park
New South Wales



Dec 30 '87 Jan 10 '88





This was the first Worldjamboree which took place on the southern hemisphere and also the first in which girls could officially participate. 14.634 Scouts and Guides from 84 countries participated in this Worldjamboree, held in the Cataract Scout Park near Sydney. The theme was "Bringing the world together". As this Jamboree took place during the turn of the year, it was celebrated for the first time during a Jamboree. The opening on December 31 at midnight was the first official event in celebrating the 200 year existence of Australia. Arriving at the Jamboree the participants received a hat with a broad edge and a t-shirt, which were part of the obligatory outfit. All to protect you against the burning sun.
Highlights of this Jamboree were:

  • 1. "Challenge Valley", a 1,9 km long obstacle course with a lot of mud.
  • 2. "Great Aussie Surf Carnival" , surfing on the waves of the Pacific Ocean.
    Scouts were brought to Thiroul Beach with 50 busses for this.
  • 3. A mutual meal on the beach by more than 14.000 Scouts containing of bread, hamburgers and an apple.

During the Jamboree a large part of the camp was hit by a more than 3 hours lasting torrential rain. It was that heavy that tents collapsed and even scouts got wounded.


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