15th Worldjamboree 1983






14.383 Scouts
about 100 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 1983


Kananaskis Country



July 6 - 14





On the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, about 130 km west of Calgary, this 15th Worldjamboree took place. 14.383 Scouts from ca. 100 countries participated in this international happening according to the theme "The spirit lives on". The 75 year jubilee of Scouting and the commemoration of the 125th birthday of B.P. was also celebrated. There was little vegetables, but even more hamburgers, sausages and blanched celery. This made it possible to participate in the hard work like gold digging, lasso throwing, building rafts, and medium-range hikes. There was also the "Cap-handi", in which you could experience life with one or more handicaps. Like phoning or typing without hands, soccer on crutches without using your feet, and taking obstacles in a wheelchair. All participants had a "Jamboreepassport"; In this passport they could collect stamps from all countries present at this Jamboree. The daily report of the Dutch contingent was sent in Morse code to Holland by a radio-amateur and there it was spoken on tape.


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