Worldjamboreeyear 1979


Badge Join-in Jamboree 1979 met logo van de afgelaste jamboree




The 15th Worldjamboree planned for Iran in 1979 , was canceled due to political unbalance in that country.

Instead of moving the Worldjamboree to a "political more stable" country, the World organisation decided to proclaim the year 1979 the "World Jamboreeyear". To maintain the Jamboree spirit four "Worldjamboreecamps" were held (in Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and the United States) and also al lot of Join-in Jamboree-activities. The sign of the Join-in Jamborees represent the waves of friendship that grow again through the gatherings of Scouting.







1700 Scouts
42 Countries


Deelnemersbadge Kristall 1979





July 22 - 31



One of these Worldjamboreecamps was "Kristall", which took place in Switzerland. The camp lasted from July 22 to 31 in the valley of the river Kander in Kandersteg. There were 5 subcamps with a total of 1700 scouts from 42 countries. The Jamboree was closed by Princess Nora of Liechtenstein.


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