14th Worldjamboree 1975






17.259 Scouts
91 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 1975





July 29 Ė August 7





Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway together organised this 14th Worldjamboree, participated by 17.259 scouts from 91 countries. The theme "Five fingers one hand" symbolised this cooperation of 5 countries. The area was sober, like everything on the country of Norway. Small unpaved roads which only allowed the most necessary traffic. The subcamps were sometimes kilometres apart, resulting in a lot of biking. There were activity areas and hikes in the mountains, a super choir, a visit to the Maithaugen Cultural Museum and of course the cosiness of the Country Fair. There was also the Nordic trail, a mass hike, that resulted in 15.000 scouts walking 380 different routes in one day. Every group contained of 8 nationalities leaded by a Norwegian of Danish scout.The 12 years old Moroccan Crown Prince participated also as a scout. For Security reasons he didnít sleep in a tent but in a hotel bed with a bodyguard in front of the door. The Jamboree was opened by the King of Norway and the king of Sweden also visited this event.


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