13th Worldjamboree 1971






23.758 Scouts
87 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 1971


Asagiri Heights



August 2 - 10





The 13th Worldjamboree was held in the hills at the foot of Mount Fiji with the theme "For Understanding". It was an unforgettable experience for the 23.758 Scouts from 87 countries. At the beginning and the end the weather was perfect, but during the camp a  hurricane broke out and a number of scouts were killed. The area changed into a black muddpool and because of the heavy blasts of wind the danger became too large for a lot of subcamps. The press centre was blown away twice and a lot of tents came down. Approximately 16.000 scouts had to be evacuated. About 1.000 scouts from Korea, Holland, Indonesia and America were temporary housed in a school where 8000 Japanese girls entertained them with sports and folk dancing. The hospitality was unforgettable. Despite the hurricane the participants took part in almost every activity. A lot of activities had an Eastern touch. On Mount Fiji several hikes were planned and there was also an international evening with national costumes, folk dancing and music.


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