11th Worldjamboree 1963






10.394 Scouts
86 Countries


Deelnemersspeld 1963





August 1 - 11





The Jamboree was organised on historic soil. In 490 B.C. the well known battle between the ancient Greeks and Persians was held here. 10.394 Scouts from 86 different countries participated in this Jamboree. The opening was done by Crown Prince Constantine, the Chief Scouts of the Greek scouts. Prince Constantine visited the Jamboree every day. The beginning of this Jamboree was darkened by the plane-crash which costs the lives of members of the Philippine contingent. Flags were at half-mast until the replacing contingent of 3 man arrived. The theme of this Jamboree was "Higher and Wider". Old history came to life again: the marathon, the Works of Hercules and the triathlon. At the end of the Jamboree Sir Charles Maclean, chief Scout of the Commonwealth, offered the Silver Wolf (the highest decoration in England) to Prince Constantine. At the closing a burning torch was handed over to an American scout to light the fire of the 12th Jamboree.


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