10th Worldjamboree 1959






12.203 Scouts
44 Countries


Replica deelnemersbadge 1959


Mount Makiling



July 17 - 26





For the first time a Jamboree was held in Asia, its theme was "Building tomorrow today". 12.203 Scouts from 44 countries participated in this "Bamboo Jamboree". In the area a bamboo village was build and a Nipa-palm was planted next to it. The Jamboree area was specially made by cutting down a piece of jungle. With all the attention for nature it is impossible to think about that nowadays. The Philippine Scouts slept in bamboo huts built on piles. The foreign scouts al slept in tents, except for the Dutch and Belgian scouts, who didnít have tents with them. So they had to sleep on a hard bamboo floor too. The meeting between east and was a revelation, the smiles from the Philippines was unforgettable. Regarding the weather of last Jamborees, the French scouts were well prepared. When they passed you saw a yellow screen of raincoats. The organisation of the Jamboree by Philippine Scouts differed largely from the Jamborees know until then, but a Worldjamboree doesnít need a arena with shows and campfires. The real Jamboree lives in the hearts of scouts from all different countries.


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