9th Worldjamboree 1957
(Jubilee Jamboree)






33.000 Scouts
80 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 1957


Sutton Coldfield



August 1 - 12





In order to celebrate the Jubilee of Scouting and the 100th birthday of Baden Powell simultaneously, a large gathering was organised together with de Indaba (Zulu-word for gathering for leaders) and the Rover Moot (gathering for rovers) under the name J.I.M (Jamboree Indaba Moot). This camp was held in Sutton Park, a beautiful natural park, where 33.000 scouts from 80 countries camped for 12 days. As usual the weather didnít help the scouts. Traditional English weather with a storm an lots of rain. Therefore this JIM was called "Jamborain". There even was a flood, and in one night there was so much rain that 600 scouts had to be evacuated. New on this Jamboree was a amateur radio-station that tried to contact scouts in other countries. This radio-station has been the initiative for the Jamboree on the air (JOTA). Also a 24 pages camp-journal ( the Jubilee Journal) was emitted. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Scouting an obelisk was placed in Sutton Park. The Jamboree was opened by Crown Prince Philip and Prime Minister Mac Millan. Lady Baden Powell, the world Chief guide, closed it. The overwhelming hospitality, shown to the participants by the English people before and after the Jamboree, was very special.


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