8th Worldjamboree 1955






11.139 Scouts
71 Countries


Deelnemersbadge 1955


on the Lake



August 18 - 28





This was the first Jamboree organised outside Europe. The theme of this Jamboree was "New Horizons". The area was a beautiful sloping parklandscape near Niagara on the Lake, at the border with America. The participants didnít have to dig, the Canadians did this with draglines and bulldozers. Every country had a national gate and cooking was done on charcoal. For the first time the Jamboree was on television. Three Brasilian scouts made it to the Jamboree after a journey for three months by Jeep, while some scouts from New Zealand travelled for four months over 45.000 km over land and water. An unexpected and uninvited guest was the hurricane Conny. Just two subcamps had a badge, Prairi and Allouette (a special subcamp for French speaking scouts). The most remarkable was the enormous hospitality by the Canadian people. They didnít only raise money for scouts from poorer countries, but they also welcomed them and loaded them with friendship and understanding.  


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