7th Worldjamboree 1951






12.884 Scouts
47 Countries


Lederen deelnemersbadge 1951


Bad Ischl



August 3 - 13





The Jamboree was held on the golfcourse of Aschau, 6 km outside of Bad Ischl. To reduce the costs volunteers have worked for 2 years to build the campingsite. Seven towers were built, 6 for the last Jamborees and one for the present one. On every tower was a flag and was the song played from that particular Jamboree. Austria was still occupied by allied forces for her joining Nazi-Germany in the second world war. Foodsupplies was problematic due to noticeable results from that war. There were also few souvenirs, compared to the Jamboree in France. There was though a tie with the Jamboree sign and a leather woggle. This Jamboree was called “Jamboree of sobriety” due to this. It was the first time after the war that German scouts participated to the Jamboree. None from the 12.884 participants from 47 countries will forget the first night, when Austrian scouts had made large fires on some mountains surrounding the Jamboree area. Nevertheless quite an achievement for a country under military occupation.


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