6th Worldjamboree 1947






25.000 Scouts
42 Countries


Deelnemersbadge (Subkamp Provence) 1947





August 9-18





For the first time since 10 years there was a new Jamboree, "The Jamboree of peace". After the end of the 2nd worldwar in 1945, plans were made to organise a Jamboree in France. French scouts, just liberated, invited scouts from all over the world. 25.000 Scouts from 42 countries joined this 6th Worldjamboree. Despite the enormous problems the organisation of the Jamboree faced, it became a succes. The camp was held on a fairly open area on the banks of the river Seine. It was devided in 15 subcamps, which had their own badge, just as the last Jamboree. Speakers hanging everywhere were a new item, which wasn’t appreciated by everyone. A road network of 12 km crossed the area, together with 25 km of waterpipes and 300 km of telephonewire. At the opening all participating countries were represented by their national flags. During the closingceremony they were carried by the contingents.


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