I Pax Ting 1939
(Worldgathering for Girl Guides)






5800 Girls Guides
23 Countries






July 25 – August 7





At the Worldconference of the Girl Guides in Adelboden (Switserland) was decided to organise a worldgathering in 1939, to the example of the Worldjamboree for boys. Chosen was Gödöllö in Hungary, where the Worldjamboree was held in 1933. The camp was called a "Jamborina", but there had to be a meeting with the boys association about the name. On the advice of Lady Baden Powell the new name was "I Pax Ting" (gathering of the peace). From each country 120 girls and 12 leaders would be possible to participate. Minimum age for participation was 14 years and the girls had to be at least a 2nd class Girl Guide and on top of it, she had to have earned the campingbadge. The leaders had to have a campingdiploma. Hungarian girls had learnt foreign languages in the previous year to serve as a guide and interpretor. At I Pax Ting Princess Sybilla of Zweden and Dutchess Anna of Hungary were present. The threat of the second worldwar, which started only a month later, resulted in only 5800 girls from 23 countries participating. From Holland 80 girls participated in this international girls gathering

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