5th Worldjamboree 1937






28.750 Scouts
54 Countries






July 31 – August 9





The 5th Worldjamboree will always be remembered as the Jamboree, where B.P. resigned. This Jamboree, joined by 28.750 scouts from 54 countries, was officially opened by Queen Wilhelmina. The Jamboree was known as the cleanest Jamboree until then for its 650 watertaps and 120 showers. For the first time each subcamp (11) has its own subcamp badge (each with its own colored bar). First there were 9 subcamps, but at the last moment two extra subcamps were added: Woestduin, mostly inhabited by Dutch scouts, and a subcamp especially for seascouts. There also was a special badge for the staff.

Colors of the subcamp badges

Subcamp 1



Subcamp 2



Subcamp 3



Subcamp 4



Subcamp 5



Subcamp 6



Subcamp 7



Subcamp 8



Subcamp 9



Subcamp Woestduin



Subcamp Sea Scouts




No colorbar




In the arena demonstrations were given by the different contingents every day. Although girl scouts didn’t participate in this Jamboree (until the 16th Worldjamboree in Australia only boys could participate) they were given the opportunity to use the arena to greet their Chief Guide, Lady Baden Powell. She gave the girl guides from Vlissingen the worldflag of the Girl Guide Association, which was to travel to all girl scouts and girl guides groups in Holland and its colonies. During this Jamboree a special cub scouts day was organised. From all parts of the country the cubs arrived a day earlier in Haarlem and stayed the night in a school. A giant Grand Howl was performed for the Chief Scout. At the closing ceremony of the Jamboree B.P. appointed the symbol of this Jamboree, the Jacobs staff. The 10 arms symbolise the 10 items of the Scouts law. He said: “Guard this symbol of the Jamboree well and always carry it with you”. Then B.P. gave all the contingent-leaders a wooden Jacobs staff. As farewell B.P. said: “I’m reaching the end of my life, many of you are still standing at the beginning. I wish you all a happy and successful life. You can reach this by always sticking to the Scouts Law, whatever you are of wherever you are. Now Goodbye. God bless you all. God bless you."


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