4th Worldjamboree 1933






25.792 Scouts
34 Countries






August 1-16





The 25.792 Scouts from 34 countries were welcomed very hospitable in the royal park and the connecting woods of Gödöllö, approximately 18 km outside of Budapest. The camp was divided in 9 sub camps, with their own police, First aid, phones, campfire, information office and a band. In the sub camps troops from as many different counties as possible were accommodated to promote fraternization. Every contingent had a translator who translated Hungarian for them, but mostly “Jamboree” was spoken, a sign language with hands and feet. Furthermore there was an own airport with 5 motor airplanes and 16 gliders, in which a lot of scouts took a tour. For the first time 5 Jamboree stamps were emitted. The symbol of this Jamboree was the white Hungarian deer. B.P. said about it: “This deer represents the pure spirit of Scouting, always leading forwards and jumping over obstacles towards new adventures.”


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