3rd Worldjamboree 1929






50.000 Scouts
42 Countries




Arrow Park



July 31 – August 9






At this third Worldjamboree Scouting celebrated its 21st birthday with 50.000 participants from 42 countries. The opening was done by B.P. by blowing on a Kudu-horn. As a cloudburst changed the Jamboreefield in a muddpool this Jamboree got the nickname “Mudboree”. This wouldn’t spoil all the fun though. At the rallytrack the scouts gave demonstrations of their skills. The 650 Dutch scouts gave a biking demonstration. During this Jamboree B.P. was risen to the peerage and had the privilege to call himself Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell from that moment. To celebrate this and also thank him for all the work he had done for the Scouting movement, he received a new Rolls Royce with a caravan from all scouts. As every scouts contributed a penny to this gift the car was called “The Penny Jam Royce”. The caravan was called “Eccles”. At the end of the Jamboree a golden arrow and axe were buried. B.P. handed out a gold plated arrow to all contingents and said: “I send you back tot your homelands to further carry out the sign of peace and brotherhood. From now on the Golden Arrow is the sign for peace and friendship.” 


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