(The World of Lange Doener)


The story



Lange Doener, a tall man with a high hat, is living in the house called Hotsjietonia. He adores children and they are always welcome to come and play at his house whenever the flag of the beavers is waving outside. He is said to know some magic. Together with Lange Doener some other people are living in the house Hotsjietonia, like Pompedomp, who loves cooking and plants and animals. Frederik Scheuremaar loves to tear paper and crafts. Hippe Springveer also lives there and he loves all sports and games and Ssst lives high up in the tower. He looks like a cloud and likes some peace and quiet. Lappezak lives in the garden in a tent. He is from Lapland and thinks it is much too warm in the house.



Besides people there are also some animals living in Hotsjietonia: Sander the cat, Billie the dog, Peen the rabbit, Snabbel and Babbel the rice birds and Olivier the hamster. Later some characters were added, like Vlerk Speurwerk for tracking and Karo Kunst who loves art.





In developing a story for this age group Scouting Nederland decided to let the beavers play in a house, as they are no world explorers yet, but staying close to home.

Characteristics of Hotsjietonia


In the House Hotsjietonia all characters have specific features to go to for nature, sports and games, crafts and so on.


Opening en closing song


The beavers sang the opening and closing song on a different melody.


Opening song


Bevers gaan een kijkje nemen
In huize Hotsjietonia
Spelen mee met Lange Doener
Altijd pret, altijd pret
Altijd pret en feest hoera!


Bevers gaan een kijkje nemen
Pak de handen van elkaar
Stap maar door de deur naar binnen
Dat wordt fijn, dat word fijn
Dat wordt fijn nou reken maar!



Beavers are going to have a look
In the House Hotsjietonia
Play with Lange Doener
Always fun, always fun
Always fun and party hooray!


Beavers are going to have a look
Take each other by the hand
Enter through the door
It will be good, it will be good
It will be good, count on it!




Closing song



We stappen door de deur naar buiten
Want de middag is weer om
Dag Lappezak, dag Frederik Scheuremaar
Dag kat
Dag juffrouw Pompedomp
De Bevers vonden het weer fijn
In Hotsjietonia te zijn
In Hotsjietonia te zijn


We exit through the door
Cause the morning has passed
Bye Lappezak, bye Frederik Scheuremaar
Bye cat
Bye misses Pompedomp
The Beavers have enjoyed it a lot
Being here in Hotsjietonia
Being here in Hotsjietonia


Law and promise


Beavers were believed not to have any notion of a promise or a law and therefore they just got their sweater put on at the initiation, together with the tie and badges.





The beavers wore blue trousers and a red sweater, with a blue print of Lange Doener in a circle. Later a red polo with the same picture was added to wear in summer. The initiation badge had also a picture from Lange Doener with the word Bevers under it. On the sweater it was worn on the right breast.


Other information


The beavers have their own magazine, the Beverpost. At First it was a sort of map folded in three, but later it became a real magazine. In the Scoutshop beavers could also buy a Beaver booklet in A-5 format.

Sometimes leaders had a name of one of the characters of Hotsjietonia, but more often one of them visited the beavers. Often Lange Doener was present during the initiation or crossing over.

The total group of beavers was called a colony and there were no subgroups.

With closing the House Hotsjietonia in 2010 together with the World trip Lange Doener is going to make with all the inhabitants, this chapter comes to an end. The program for this age group is renewed for 100 years of Scouting in the Netherlands and the beavers will play in the Village of Hotsjietonia from now on.



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