Since the beginning of Scouting badges have been an important part of the uniform. By those badges you can identify if someone is a member of the movement (promise-badges), from which group (group name tags), from which age group (section badges), from which subgroup (subgroupbadges), which position he/she has (rank badges) and which skills he/she has (merit badges).

In the course of time other badges evolved like Jamboree-badges, campbadges, districtbadges, jubileebadges etc.


The museum has a large collection of fabric and metal badges, varying from membership and skill badges of the four former Scouting organisations in the Netherlands to regional badges of the present Scouting organisation.

Even a large quantity of badges from past Jamborees are part of the collection.


The collection also contains very old and rare badges, amongst others the first Crownscout badge and a badge of the Brittish scouts in Egypt. 


The museum is always interested in "old" Dutch scouting stuff.
Are you considering removing your old stuff, please contact us.