Welcome to Scouting Museum


  • Have you ever been a member of Scouting?
  • Did you ever join a Scoutinggroup?
  • Is your old uniform still hanging in the wardrobe?
  • Do you want to revive old memories?
  • Are you interested in the history of Scouting?

Then please visit our Museum!
The museum is situated on the fourth floor of an old large house at the Heemraadssingel 129 in Rotterdam. Because there is no elevator in the house, we have to disappoint disabled people and people in a wheelchair.

Heemraadssingel 129


The museum is until further notice closed

for the public.


          For more information or

          Tel. +31 186 601772


           You also can send email. Please use the following

           Email-address: info@scoutmuseum.nl


The purpose of the museum.
Scoutingmuseum "De Ducdalf" has the objective to preserve the history of Scouting for posterity. The museum enables members of Scouting to get knowledge of the history of Scouting. For outsiders we try to give an objective view of the history of the Scouting Movement in The Netherlands.

What has the museum to offer.
The museum shows the history of Scouting by means of old uniforms, badges, photographs, etc. We also have an extended library of more than 1500 books and booklets about Scouting and an very large collection of Scouting magazines. Do you want to see what kind of  uniform the Dutch scouts used to wear and what kind of badges they had? Did you join a Worldjamboree or do you like to see how your parents or grandparents experienced that, please visit us.

By means of film- and video-recordings you can see how the different Worldjamborees were experienced throughout the years. An extensive collection of different accessories like logbooks, camp newspapers, brochures, badges etc. of different Worldjamborees gives an example of the ambience.

The museum has an unique video-tape of an Hungarian film about the 4th Worldjamboree in Gödöllö, Hungary  (1933), which was literally kept under the ground during the German and Communist occupation.



The museum has an extensive archive about groups and activtities in the formal region of Rotterdam. Among others there is information about the
Scouts Postal Service - which was active directly after the liberation of Holland - and the Aid campaign, immediately after the Flood in 1953.

The museum has also useful information about nearly every group which has ever existed or still exists in and around Rotterdam. There is a real treasure of information for groups who have a jubilee.

The museum is always interested in "old" Dutch Scouting items.
Are you considering throwing your old stuff away,  please contact us.