(Mowgli and Shanti)


The Junglestory


Shanti was curious. The boy made some strange sounds, but it was no language she knew for sure. Mowgli was his name, if she understood it correctly. Where would he live? The nearest village was on the other side of the jungle. And no one dared to enter the jungle. That was the territory of the predators: the wolves, the bears and the panthers. Shoe stood in the middle of the field. Mowli took a few steps, then he stood still and waved at her. What did he mean? Did he really want to enter the jungle. He didn’t look frightened at all. Her curiosity won from fear. If this boy wanted to show her something so badly, then she could go to the border of the jungle. She didn’t have to go far, she could always be prepared to flee into the open fields. But when they arrived at the border of the jungle, Mowgli signed much further. Shanti hesitated, but still followed him. He looked so careless, as if he had never seen a predator. Her heart bounced.

The were only ten meters in the forest and a panther walked towards them. His dark fur glanced and his sharp teeth blinked in the sunlight which fell through the trees. She turned around and wanted to run away. But she couldn’t! Mowgli had taken her by the wrist. He said something to the panther. It even sounded like a panther. Did he know their languages?

The panther lied down, nails withdrawn, teeth covered. Mowgli pulled her arm, she just had to follow! He was strong. Mowgli now stood besides the panther and hugged him! Then he gestured it was her turn. Shanti knew one thing fo sure: she would never have the nerve to do that. Mowgli pulled her arm and kept pulling, until her hand was on the head of the panther. The panther raised his head a little bit, as if he loved the touch. ‘Bagheera’, said Mowgli. Was it the name of the beast?

'Shanti,' she said, unsure of herself. She stared from Mowgli to the panther. And suddenly, without thinking, she put her arms around the animal, just as she had seen Mowgli do. He clapped his hands and cheered, pulled her from Bagheera and hugged her. Shanti thought this could be the start of many more amazing adventures.


The cubs play



Because of the one hundred years existing of Scouting in the Netherlands, the play for every agegroup for 7 to 11 years old was renewed. There is only one play left, that of the cubs. As of 2011 the plays for brownies, esta’s and dolphins is no longer supported. Some elements of the other plays for the same age were required to be taken over in the play of the cubs. Therefore some new animals were added to the existing animals of the jungle and is Shanti also a part of the cubs play. Also the junglemap is renewed.


The new Jungle animals


In order to be able to express all aspects of the jungle play a number of animals are added, so the girl and water cubs feel at home.

Ikki: The porcupine, she is chaotic and very cozy. She chats with everybody, and because of her chaos, she doesn’t always tell the stories right. A lot of things cling to her needles.

Malchi: A real wateranimal is always on it guard and takes life as it comes..

Marala: The flamingo, loves to be together. She loves honesty.

Mor: The peacock is very happy with its beautiful feathers. He loves to show them to everybody.

Oe: The turtle, before she says anything, she deliberates her words.

Shanti: A girl, born and raised in Haveli, the peoples village. She is curious and acts on feeling.


The Junglemap


The junglemap is renewed so all of the 8 activity areas areas can be used





These activity areas are: outdoor, identity, society, challenging Scouting techniques, expression, international, sports & play, safety & health

The Khaali Jagah planes belong to Sports & Play, the Nishaanepond with Challengeing Scouting Techniques, the Wolvesden with Safety and Health, the Talaab pool with Outdoors, the Guha caves with Expression, the Counsilrock with Identity, the Emaarate-ruins with International, and Haveli with Society.



Law and promise


The law:

-        A cub plays together with the others in the jungle.

-        A cub is honest, friendly and persistent.

-        A cub takes care of nature.


The promise:

I promise (with the help of God) to do my best to be a good cub, to help everybody where I can and to abide by the cubs law. You can count on me!


The uniform


At the renewal of the scoutsplay the uniform was renewed as well. It now is called Scoutfit. The uniform contains of blue trousers and a green blouse. The model is slightly adapted so the sleeves can be rolled up and fixed.

The agegroup sign is a round badge with a green edge, inside a white ribbon, as i fit is a rope, in it the word ‘welpen’ (cubs) and a picture of Mowgli and Shanti.

On the right sleeve the cub wears the nametag of the Group, and perhaps the hurdle tag, and the region badge and the nest sign. The badge is square and is worn with the corner down. It has a red edge and in it a yellow foot and a green wolves paw. The background color determines the color of the nest.


The leader of a nest is called a guide and his assistant is called a helper. On the left sleeve they wear a yellow square badge wit a red edge with in it a green hand. The helper had just one badge with a right hand on it, the guide wears two badges, One with a right hand and one with a left hand, side by side.


Merit badges




Merit badges for cubs are blue hexagonal and have a white edge. The sigh is in two shade of green, with a white edge.

The requirements for the badges are written in three levels. In this way, all cubs can earn badges, in spite of their age or development, The differences in levels aren’t visible in the badges the cubs wear on their blouse.


Opening and closing


The leaders stand at the counsil rock and the cubs in their nest in a row behind each other. The guide in front and the helper at the back. The leaders shout: ‘Yalahi’. All cubs answer: ‘Yalahi’ and gather into a circle. Every one says the opening lyrics and makes the moves.


We zijn weer in de jungle. (ga stevig staan, handen in je zij)

We gaan op avontuur, (loop naar voren)

Doen supergave dingen, (ga stevig staan, handen in je zij)

Iets anders ieder uur, (loop naar achter)

Slingeren aan lianen (pak de liaan vast, eerst met je rechterhand, dan met je linkerhand erbij)

Trotseren de rivier, (maak een roeibeweging alsof je een peddel vasthoudt, eerst links dan rechts)

Speuren door de jungle, (doe je hand boven je ogen, kijk van links naar rechts)

Zijn vriend van mens en dier! (pak elkaars handen vast met gekruiste armen)

Yalahi! (laat elkaars handen los en gooi je armen in de lucht terwijl je springt).


English translation:


We are in the jungle again (stand firmly, hands in your sides)

We are looking for adventures (walk forward)

Do amazing things (stand firmly, hands in your sides)

Something different every hour (walk backwards)

Swing in lianas (grab a liana, first with your right hand, then your left hand also)

Survive the river (make a rowing gesture like your holding a peddle, first left than right)

Tracking in the jungle (put your hand above your eyes, look from left to right)

Being a friend of men and animal (take each others hand with crossed arms)

Yalahi! (let go of each others hands and throw your arms in the air jumping)


After the opening ceremony one of the cubs says the cups law. At the end of the law everyone bring the cub salute.


Closing ceremony:

All cubs gather round the counsil rock.

Everybody is in the circle holding each others hands with crossed arms saying: ‘We now leave the jungle, but will definitively return! Yalahi!’ (let go of each others hands and throw your hands in the air, while you jump)





Leaders wear the same uniform als the cubs, so blue trousers and a green blouse. The qualification badges for leaders are worn above the right breast pocket, underneath the Dutch flag. .



(age group 5 – 15 year)


(age group 5 – 15 year)


(age group 5 – 15 year)





With the new play new books are made for each agegroup. For the children a guide, for the leaders a compass. For the cubs this is called the Jungleguide (Junglegids) and a Cubscompass (Welpenkompas). In both books there are different stories about the different parts of the jungle and with different animals.

On top of it there is also a book about the adventures of Shanti and Mowgli.


Secret code


With updating the cubs play and modifications according to the gamevision Scouts, abbreviation for Together (Samen), Code and tradition (Code en traditie), Outdoor, Challenge (Uitdaging), Teamspirit (Teamgevoel), Games and crafts (Spel en creativiteit) a new secret code is necessary.


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