(The hunting grounds)





The story


The famous story of Mowgli is written in two parts in the Rimboeboek (Rimboo book) for cubs. The second part continues as followed, after the beating of Shere Khan: Mowgli lived for a while in the human village, but isnít able to adapt and returned to the jungle. He met Hathi, the great wise elephant and listened intensely to the stories he tells. Stories from a time, long ago before Mowgli was born. Thatís how old Hathi is. In the Cool Holes, a ruin of a kings city, deep in the jungle, he found a treasure, which was guarded by a white cobra. The cobra told the treasure would bring misfortune if you took it. Mowgli took a little part of it, but returned it after a few days. The misfortune had already happened: people had spotted the treasure and all wanted it and fought over it and killed each other.


The play


Scouting in the Netherlands is after the merge much less firm and competitive as before. The central idea is ďeverything is allowed and nothing is compulsory.Ē Participation is more important than winning and achieving isnít stimulated. Creativity and cooperation are more meaningful.


In the cubs play hunting grounds are introduced. Every hunting area is related to a certain type of activity and is linked to an animal from the jungle. At first there were 8 hunting grounds: around the human village, around the cool holes, Bagheera, Baloo, Hathi, Sahi, Kaa and Chil. Later more were added: around the council rock, around the wolves nest and Jacala. First Aid and music belong to Baloo, knotting, tracking and compass with Bagheera, theatre with Kaa, secret codes with Chil, sports and games with the Bandarlog.


About these hunting grounds booklets were published in multo-format. They could be collected, together with the Rimboeboek, in a multo-band. Especially for the leaders, there were guiding booklets for the Rimboeboek and hunting areas. Also there were special plastic covers for the multo-bands with in it a picture about the Rimboo book, so this band would stand out between other bands.





In 1995, with the start of the estaís as a third age group for the same age (next to cubs and brownies), the Rimboo book becomes a real book again and de separate editions of the hunting grounds are no longer published. In the new Rimboeboek the new requirements for merit badges are published together with a picture of it. For the leaders there is a real handbook again.


The uniform


The cubs get a real blouse, just like the scouts, in a more light green colour. The uniform is completed by a pair of dark brown corduroy trousers. The belt is a bit larger and has the new logo of Scouting Nederland on it. Stockings are no longer part of the uniform and the fringes on the stockings disappear. The Investiture badge is adapted to the new logo of Scouting Nederland and the age group sign is renewed. Now it is a round badge with a brown edge and the picture of a wolf in brown.




Investiture badge


Age Group badge





Just after the merge the badges are round with a white edge and a styled picture in colour. There are several colours of badges. With the start of the estaís as a third age group for this age, the badges become triangle, dark green, with a red edge end a picture in three colours maximum. Also the requirements are updated.




Promise and law


The promise:

-          I promise to do my best, (with Godís help),

-          To be a good cub, to help everyone where I can and to follow the cubs law. You can count on me.


The law:

-          A cub plays together with other in the jungle.

-          He is honest, friendly, maintains and takes care of nature


Secret code


In the multo-editions of the Rimboeboek there isnít a specific cub secret code, but since 1995 there is a secret code for cubs in the new book.



In 2010 Scouting Nederland renewed its vision and plays and since then the cubs play in the Jungle with Mowgli en Shanti

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